A Leader in Safety


Employees are our most important assets and their safety is our greatest responsibility. It is the policy of Frontier Drilling to provide a safe working environment by eliminating unsafe acts and conditions and to provide appropriate personal protective equipment and safety devices where hazards cannot be eliminated. Further, it is our goal to create a safety culture among our employees that fosters an understanding that he or she has the ultimate responsibility to work safely.

It is the intent of Frontier Drilling to:

  1.      Develop, endorse, and support an understanding that the line organization is responsible for the implementation of safe work practices,
  2.       Comply with all federal, state, and/or local regulations and client rules governing safety at the jobsite,
  3.       Take expedient action to correct unsafe actions or conditions,
  4.       Promote safety awareness,
  5.       Encourage open communication between line management and labor that will result in the identification of unsafe acts and conditions, and
  6.       Provide training in hazard awareness and to support the accident reduction techniques necessary to implement this policy.

Every effort will be made to assure that employees can accomplish their assigned tasks safely. No task is so important or so urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely.