Rig 11

Rig 11

DRAWWORKS: Continental Emsco D-3 Electric Drawworks w/ (2) 1000 HP Electric Motor.

MAST: Branham 142’ 567,000# Static Hook Load Capacity

TOP DRIVE:  Canrig 500 Ton

SUBSTRUCTURE: Branham Swing-Up

GENERATORS:  (3) Caterpillar 3512C Diesel Engines w/ 1,225 KW Generators

SCR: M & I

MUD PUMPS: (2) 1600 HP w/ GE 752 motors

ROTARY TABLE: National 23”   

BLOCK/HOOK: Gardner Denver 300 Ton

CHOKE MANIFOLD: 5000# Choke Manifold

MUD SYSTEM: 1000 BBL Mud System w/ 6 x 8 centrifugal mixing pumps, low pressure mixing guns, shaker, agitators.

SHALE SHAKER: (2) MI Swaco Shale Shakers

FUEL TANK: 10,000 gallon


DOGHOUSE: 10′ x 8′ x 30′

SKID PACKAGE: Able to skid in a straight line up to 150ft.

MISCELLANEOUS: Toolpusher’s quarters, Catwalk, Six (6) Pipe Racks, Pipe Spinner, Kelly Spinner, and Miscellaneous Handling Tools.